Always good here, hot and dry - The Costa d’Argyll!  Almost too dry - with fields around the house filled with new lambs, farmers are willing the grass to grow.

The May Holiday heralds the new season here at Melfort. The swallows and martins arrived closely followed by “The Glasgow Lawyers”.  These Legal Eagles have been visiting Melfort House for 4 years and are always a guarantee of good conversation, humour and good wine.

The end of month saw a visit from our piper friend, Kenny Forsyth. Impromptu recitals in the Polytunnel and on the terrace delighted guests and passers by alike.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Anecdotal highlights and images of our life in the West Highlands


Mackerel are providing fish for the table and bait for the Lobster pots. After a couple of “dry weeks”, out in ‘The Midge’ we landed a monster 2.5 kg lobster much to the delight of Luxembourg guests.
Roe venison is in season. Shot within a few miles and the most tender of meats, it requires little preparation to provide a sumptuous meal.
The Vic 32, a restored Clyde Puffer, is anchored in the bay providing excellent photo opportunities and sense of nostalgia.
Two Aston Martin enthusiasts brought their pride and joys and made us all as green as their racing paintwork


to follow


More on West Highland Life can be found in Yvonne’s magazine column, Tales from a Kitchen Gardener, which is in The West Coast Review Magazine. Click here to download the latest copy.

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